35+ Years Construction Experience

We understand that a big issue with most people when it comes to removing walls is the headache attached when thinking about the mess it will create and the timeframe needed to complete work. We take full measures to ensure work is completed as quick as possible without leaving mess or dust along the way.

We can fully contain and seal the area where we are working to minimize spread of dust through the house.

We specialise in helping the owner builder/ DIY builder and we take the stress out of renovating your home.

Bearing Wall Removal

Experience and expertise are vital to create open spaces within your home. Knowledge and structural design are requirements along with experience and skill to professionally complete your project. We are proud of our 35 years plus of exceeding  client expectations – your guarantee of quality results!

Removing Internal Walls

Removing unwanted walls is the easiest way to gain the modern look of an open , spacious and luxurious room. Many people believe it is difficult to achieve but we will work with you to achieve the design you want.

Window & Door Openings

Do you have old, outdated and small windows? Want to add light to your home? We are very experienced at removing and replacing windows and doors and can advise you on the best options to suit your home. Whether this is adding light to your home, open up your living area or simply updating old fashioned frames and adding value to your house

Relocate Walls

Clearly, the entire process of a moving a wall — determining the wall load, mapping out the new location and covering the costs — is no easy task. But the dream of an appealing new look and space, is hard to ignore.

Planning Saves You
Time & Money

A plan helps to organize resources and activities efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals. The final result is a huge saving of time and money.

“Love Your Work.”

When we decided to Renovate our home, we were very apprehensive if we would be able to get the right professional people to do the job. When we first met you to explain what we wanted and after our discussion we knew we had the right people. They never disappointed us, our home looks beautiful. Thank you so much to both of you and your workers.
Bill and Val

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